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Converse Con Boot Hi Shoes

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Converse Con Boot Hi
(SKU# 1T533)
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Converse Con Boot Hi Shoes
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Converse Con Boot Hi
The legendary Converse Chuck Taylors have a great history and legacy as one of the first athletic shoes. This time our beloved chucks have gone for a more rugged look, in the Converse Con Boot. This pair of boots features: Durable leather upper geared for the outdoors. Timeless Chuck Taylor patch logos. Padded lining with Thinsulate protection from the elements. Full lace up construction for secure, personalized fit. Rubber toe cap for added durability and protection. Heavy-duty rubber outsole with distinctive tread pattern for durable traction. If you want a pair of chucks that can go up against the great outdoors and come out on top, these boots are just what you need. Get a pair of Converse Con Hi boots and don't let anything stand in your way.
Overall: Comfort: Look:
Shoe Size: 100% said that this shoe "Felt true to size"
Shoe Width: 100% said that this shoe "Felt true to width"
Shoe Arch: 100% said that this shoe "No arch support"
Reviewer: HappyCamper on March 20, 2010
Overall: Comfort: Look:
Shoe Size: Felt true to size
Shoe Width: Felt true to width
Shoe Arch: No arch support
I bought a pair of these last year and it's gotta be the best shoe purchase I've ever made. I'm up here in the frozen icebox of North Dakota, and until I got these, I'd had yet to find a boot that could keep my feet warm without having to be 3 inches thick and space-suit dorky-looking. At first glance, it doesn't look like there's much to the lining in these boots, but appearances can be deceiving - the low-profile red quilted lining keeps my feet dry and toasty in, I kid you not, 30 BELOW ZERO! The lining's fabric also makes it very easy to slip in and out of them without snagging my socks and bunching them up or pulling them too tight. The traction of the tread is incredible. I can keep my footing even on solid ice and can move with complete confidence, and that's something I can't say about any other pair of shoes I own by any maker. The fit is nice and predictable, as this boot runs in the same sizing convention as the Chuck Taylor All-Star regular shoe, with the men's sz 5 being a women's sz 7, etc.. You can be confident that they'll be true-to-size when ordering these online. And like the rest of the Chuck Taylor All-Star line, the insole is blessedly free of that annoying lump that other manufacturers install where they *think* your arch should be. The leather is thick and durable but soft, and didn't require a long uncomfortable breaking-in period - they were comfy and ready to go right out of the box. They even come with loops on the front of the tongue to string the laces through that keep the toungue from slipping off to the side and poking you painfully in the anklebone, as happens with many of the other boots I've tried. Everything about this boot is sturdy, well designed and very well made right down to the very last seam. They really have thought of everything with this one. Very lightweight for a winter boot and amazingly comfortable, and I'm a total stickler for good fit. Add to that the slim, stylish, regular-shoe look that goes with everything except maybe a tux or a prom dress (I get compliments on them wherever I go) and you've got the whole package - classic design, color-neutral, not too girly for the guys and not too butch for the gals. The one and only drawback of all this is that this boot is so warm that it starts to get uncomfortable in temperatures much over 50 degrees, especially when I'm working. An excellent three-season boot, but I can't wear them year round so I'll be looking into the Bosey Camp Boot also sold here at Buyandwalk for a summer alternative. Bottom line - if you're looking for the ultimate solution to the yearly problem of frozen toes, wipe-outs on ice, and dorky-looking cheaply made clodhoppers that break after one season, then this boot really is the be-all and end-all. Worth every penny and then some. I'll be buying a second and third pair soon, just in case Converse decides (God forbid) to stop making these, because I never want to face another winter without 'em!
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