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Nike Impax Dime Shoes

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Nike Impax Dime left view.
Nike Impax Dime right view.
Nike Impax Dime top view.
Nike Impax Dime bottom view.
Nike Impax Dime front view.
Nike Impax Dime back view.
Nike Impax Dime pair view.
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Nike Impax Dime
(SKU# 310100142)
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Nike Impax Dime Shoes
Nike Impax Dime
It's time to experience the strong high-flying action of the Nike Impax Dime basketball shoes. This pair of shoes features: Synthetic upper saddle for heightened support and optimum fit. Upper is strategically perforated to allow maximum ventilation. Unique welded support frame provides customizable width lacing for custom fit. Durable heel shank and carbon rubber outsole pad reduce harmful ankle and heel impact strain, and maximize support and promote correct structure in these key areas. Forefoot flex grooves help ensure correct foot flex during running. Worry about your opponent, not your shoes with the comfort and flexibility of the Nike Impax Dime.
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